Magpie Windows are proud to offer embedded sustainable solutions in all of our work. As a company we have carefully considered our working methods and selectively chosen products and suppliers that match our sustainability vision.


To maintain and encourage an environmentally sustainable solution we focus on 2 core areas.


  • Sustainability by design: We are committed to keeping track of emerging technologies that provide drastically reduced energy consumption or insulate properties to customers homes. We are proud to offer a mix of established methods such as triple glazing and argon filled units to emerging technologies such as foam core extruded plastics.

  • A considered supply chain and embodied energy of materials. Using local suppliers wherever possible and reducing travel distance for delivery of materials. Old frames are recycled as standard. 

Some the products and benchmarks we offer include:

  • Recycled thermal inserts that provide superior insulation

  • 80% target recycling level on all waste material

  • 100% recycled manufacturing on all UPVC & composite products

  • A rated windows as standard with a U-Value of up to 0.8Wm2

  • Competitive pricing on triple and acoustic glazing upgrades

  • Eco core fascia manufactured from recycled plastics.